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SOLITUDE | Contemporary Paintings by Tennery & Silipigni

Solitude art exhibit brings together two contemporary classical American painters Stephan Silipigni and Tristan Tennery offering an unprecedented opportunity to immerse the viewer in serene nautical landscapes as well as engage in the debate of cultural appropriation.

Stephan Silipigni is a landscape painter based in Washington D.C. His aesthetics emanate from his infatuation with the breathtaking nature scenes in the East Coast and his academic background in philosophy and theology.

The Boat Race II, oil on birtch board
Marooned Dinghy, 30″x 40″

Stephen Silipigni masterfully allows the essence of beauty to flow from his painter’s brush in inspiring colors and hues of nature. The concept of his paintings is to convey to the viewer the mood of the paintings. His inspiration with the pastel colors of the sunrises, sunsets, boats and lighthouses translates his inner spirituality, and transcends the viewer to a magical and dreamy state of being. Inspired by the forces of nature, his series of paintings convey the dramatic moods and unbridled power of the seashore.

Red Boat, 9″x 12″, oil on canvas


Sunrise, 30″x 40″ Oil on linen

Tristan Tennery is an artist from Oklahoma City whose experience in the Peace Corps in Liberia, West Africa has influenced his body of artworks. His series of African women haunted by a spirit of hope that has been tested countless of times. They exuberate resignation and sadness. The creative process that led to these stunning portraits come from his inner anguish when experiencing the anguish that these Liberian women live on a daily basis. He starts with a memory and an emotion of humility and strives to translate it into a powerful painting.


Come mingle with DC’s premier art scene and meet the artists and curators face to face.

The Monroe Trust Artist Collective, “TMTAC” is committed to fostering an environment where emerging artists can thrive, feel inspired, and learn how to engage their audience with confidence.

Join us as we host; SOLITUDE | Contemporary Paintings by Tennery & Silipigni. Registration here.

Contact for sales inquiries :

Instagram: @the_Monroe_Trust

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5% of sales from the exhibit go to benefit DC Arts & Humanities Education Collaborative,a local DC nonprofit that supports Arts Intergrated Education in all 9 district wards. It’s great way to give back to this ever growing cultural city we all call home!


Méduse Moi

La vie, le jour

La mer, la nuit

Le temps de la pluit

Comme si le destin nous envi


Une fleur ou deux

Tremblant d’envie

A la rencontre de l’amour infini


Sous une méduse pleine de rêverie

Nous goutions la flemme de la vie et de la mort

Pendant que l’amour nous poursuit


Comme si c’était hier

Je me rappelle la magie

Jouit l’hiver

Jaloux le soleil foutu

Tant pi

Pas de temps pour la haine ni la mélancolie

La méduse rectifie

C’est la vie à deux esprits

En rendant espoir à la liberté et à la folie


On s’embrasse déjà

Entre la lumière, sous la mer,

Ciel étoilé et croissant embellit

Meduse Moi


Meduse Moi (2)




Artiste (Sculptures de Méduses géantes en LED) : Yarrow Mazzetti

Photographe: Oliver Correa

Photo prise a la gallerie de Edge Art Fair a Wynwood, Miami


*Take It As A Blessing*  

For some of us, attending art show openings means an opportunity to discover art, meet the creators, talk about it, drink, chat, laugh, maybe dance, maybe sing, but definitely grow creatively.

Take it as a blessing show opening was indeed a blessing to which I am grateful for. It was a thursday evening, I logged off my desk computer, grabbed my bike and rode it to the Open Studio DC joint location. I didn’t know what to expect. Compared to shows in other cosmopolitan cities where I’ve lived and visited, Washington D.C’s art shows are usually conservative on all levels. But I had hope for this one, and maybe it was because I caught a glimpse of the rainbow event poster circulated on the FB event page.

*NOMU NOMU Poster*
I arrived around 9 pm to a corner building and immediately noticed the industrial architecture. Converting an old industrial warehouse into an art space has become a really trendy thing because it draws the raw and edgy vibe, which are necessary for the creative process. I didn’t hesitate to enter with a wide smile on my face.

Studio Address
Studio Address

Check-in Table at the entrance
Check-in Table

Coat Check Area and an Artwork
So first things first, I went to grab a drink, say hello and chat with a couple of friends.

Andy and Steven
Andy and Steven

As you walk in
View of an art installation

Intrigued by what’s hanging on the walls and in the small rooms, I went in for a tour of the space. I was pleased to know that each room was carefully curated by the artists themselves.

Small room 1: 

FullSizeRender (1)

Hi, it’s me! (being Bjork for the night)   😉

Rodrigo's Installation
Art Installation

Small Room 2: 








Big Room: 

“Converters and Outliers” by Judy



Artist Judy

My girlfriend Randa 🙂



Jay and Adrianne-work in progress
Jay and Adrianne-work in progress

‘Drinking Again’ Installation

Main Room:     



Adrianne- work in progress





Carolyn-hard at work
Carolyn-printing NOWNOW :) t-shirts
Carolyn-printing NOWNOW 🙂 t-shirts
On Abstraction, Expressionism, and Kitsch: 
It should be no brainer that the more time you spend on/with art, the more you get out of it. While art can be instantly shocking, wowing, aweing, disgusting or even humiliating, its unique concept will always be kept with the beholder. Given the nature of the ‘white cube’ gallery and our exceedingly attention deficit brains, we are more and more forced to take a glimpse at the artwork and move on to the next thing. Hence, we are disconnected from a deep connection with the artwork. The general time spent looking or interacting with an artwork is less than 2 minutes. So, how do pictures of artworks even make any sense? What do we know about the big idea in the big picture?









Mahatma Gandhi- like never seen before
 As I was literally jumping in and out of the installation, I couldn’t help but feel lost and concerned. I kept asking myself absurd question, like, why is there a cut-off poster of Gandhi, why is there a random cactus plant, and why is there a soccer ball?
The questions kept coming as I pulled up my inspector looking glass and was getting closer to reaching some sort of meaning. Could this be an abstract installation? Is this kitsch? The mundane everyday objects used in the artwork are related to Kitsch in art history. And the automative approach of placing subjects/objects in a random doodle-like shape is related to abstraction. But what else is missing in the mosaic? At that point, I had no idea who the artist was, but my curiosity brought me to him. “Ahaaa,” I said. “Are you the artist?” Rodrigo looks at me and says: “yes!” with a guilty look on his face. Bingo!
I gave him my two cents on the piece, to which he added stating that his art is inspired by the Abstract Expressionist movement and specifically, Willem de Kooning, who is Dutch American abstract expressionist artist who was born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
Rodrigo described his piece to be emulative of the process to enlightenment and a deconstruction of the status quo. I thought he did a good job!
Cheers to the enlightened Rodrigo
Off-site/ Q&A: 

Q: (me): As an artist space owner, what motivated you to host “Take it as a Blessing” and what is unique about it?

A: (NoMu NoMu):

We felt that we had the resources to create a show that could present contemporary painting in DC in a better way. We dont see many group shows in DC that try to survey the contemporary painting scene as inclusively as us. For example as far as age goes the eldest painter was in their 70s and the youngest was in their early 20s. We are unique in that we try to break down these superficial barriers that divide the art scene and focus on creating new dialogues that can happen when a more multilateral and collaborative approach is utilized.

Q: (me): Which artwork in the show did you find most cutting edge and why?

A: (Hope):

Hmm the most cutting edge…I’m not sure…I can tell you I loved Judy’s paintings and ovals. Her art is so layered and textured. Mastering screen printing as an artistic tool is so versatile and complex. I love the way she utilizes printing in her pieces. I also loved the mini installation and the centerpiece of the room/exhibit. It was very raw, fun and didn’t take itself too seriously. Adrienne’s art was very emotive as well.


*Take it As a Blessing* Show Poster
*Take it As a Blessing* Show Poster
This eclectic show of paintings is brought to you by NoMu NoMu and Open Studio DC…featuring the work of:
Adrienne Gaither (
Jay Hendrick (
Joseph Orzal (
Rodrigo Carazas (
Aaron Phillip (
Judy Southerland (
and Eddie Poschmann

This show will be held at Open Studio DC until November 12th, 2015. NoMu NoMu is an independent gallery located in LeDroit Park. Open Studio dc is located at 1135 Okie St., NE. For more information and links to the artists’ websites:

L’Attente de Mathilde

Je m’inspire de ton goût
Je rêve de ton sommeil
Je me lève sur ta pensée
Humiliée, pure, souriante
Le bonheur du bon milieu
Douce pluie
Gouttes du ciel épanoui
L’amour du jour
Le rêve d’un soir lointain
L’air refroidit soudain
Dehors, ma vie la tienne
Je tremble, je nie, je suis
Une fleur jolie
Une plume de fruit
Une mélancolie
Poetry: Ikram Lakhdhar, 2015
Painting: “Pandora’s Watch” by Taj Anwer, 2013
“Pandora’s Watch”, Taj Anwer, 2013

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A Lover’s Sunshine

Deep in your eyes

I see the sunshine

like a fire golden string

Shining the energy of love


When a dream goes undone

comes a little smile for the love run

And here we go again

Shining stronger

Feeling all the love heat

when I take your color and you take mine


I trust

Pausing for a moment, I close my eyes

I hear the crawl of dawn

I smile again

Love gets stronger

And all thoughts vanish

In a lover’s sunshine